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1. Have a budget, stick to it, and make or exceed your loan repayments. But the consequences of not making your student loan payments are just as real. Couples have a lot of reasons to be attracted to the Evergreen State. From sleek Seattle boutiques to secluded inns on the San Juan Islands, there’s a [...]

Russian River Valley Pinot Noi

About: The Birches is on a privately owned, 11,000 acre nature preserve in the heart of Maine Great North Woods and features more than 40 miles of marked, groomed cross country skiing trails. The trails range in difficulty level from novice to high intermediate. Skis, boots and poles are available for rental. This year, I [...]

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Cork based, Anglo Indian Arun Kapil is the high energy king of spice, plying his Green Saffron brand to some of the world’s top restaurants, as well as us mere mortals. Fresh Spice brings together his passion and knowledge, showing how the plainest of dishes can be transformed with some simple spice know how. Viewing [...]

horter distribution distance

Research indicates that Cape, which was first developed by iconic value investor Benjamin Graham in the 1930s and popularised in recent years by Nobel economist Robert Shiller, has merit. Star Capital, which looked at 17 major international markets, found the lowest Cape readings were followed by real average annual returns of 13.3 per cent over [...]

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If the goal is to capture billions and billions of tons of carbon, that where James Cameron comes in, he said, half joking, referring to the and director who has also pioneered undersea technology. Cameron himself piloted a submersible to the deepest point on Earth in 2012 and retrieved samples while filming Challenge. Hasn responded [...]

The car accelerated with one wheel

Signs are not to be placed on utility poles, light poles, public signposts or any tree within the parkways. Sign size should not exceed 5 square feet. All signs are required to have the address of the sale printed on them, along with the dates the sale is running and the hours.. Between 75 and [...]

Baltimore, near the Baltimor

She really gets the plight of the cash strapped home cook. She acknowledges to her readers that cooking isn’t always easy, especially when you’re tired or busy. But then she goes on to show that with the right essentials in your pantry, you can make a good meal quickly. The Broadway production of “Hamilton” is [...]

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The oil price collapse translated into sub $2 a gallon prices for many Americans at the pump. This was one of the biggest drivers of a stunning recovery in US auto sales from the depths of the Great Recession. By the time the math is finished on 2015, nearly 18 million new cars and trucks [...]

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The meat is leaner than what I could buy in a grocery store, and more flavorful. I get different cuts every time, and I have to think a bit differently about how to cook it so we don’t end up with shoe leather for dinner. In general that means either cooking it less, or cooking [...]

The next move could

It has to graduate from analog to digital, and now to smart. The next move could be the IoT (Internet of Things) watch. To my mind, it is a good move. On Feb. 23, 2015, a burglary was reported out of Bennett, Iowa. A large gun safe with about 15 firearms along with ammunition was [...]