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I inquired what might happen if he was given only a 30 day notice of a rent increase which is all that is currently required by state law or even 90 days? Could they find anything for him?William McHalffey in happier times. Photo by Chuck Socha”For his situation,” I was told, “it would be primarily [...]

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Bell charges an extra $15 activation fee but also allows people to trade in their old smartphones for a discount. With Virgin, you’ll need to choose one of the provider’s $80 Platinum plans in order to get the subsidized 2 year discount on the iPhone 6. Virgin also offers the phone on its cheaper $40 [...]

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About 60 people turned out for the Wintergreen meeting, making points about the cost of the uniforms, uneven enforcement of the policy, bullying, interruptions in educational time and self expression. Some in attendance expressed support of the policy. Most who spoke did not state their names or the names were not audible.. The grandchildren focus [...]

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Companies were struggling to compete against producers in Asia and the Middle East, and were shutting down or shrinking their plants. Nowadays the United States is one of the cheapest places in the world to make plastic, according to Joseph Chang, global editor ofICIS Chemical Business. The petrochemical industry is ecstatic.”This is the first time [...]

Austin Spa Resort

Lake Austin Spa Resort About $500/night The luxurious, 40 room Lake Austin Spa Resort is an all inclusive destination spa and wellness retreat on 19 lakeside acres. Guests can paddleboard, kayak, canoe, hikeor relax by the lake at this bucolic property in Texas Hill Country. In addition, there are fitness classes, wellness lectures, yoga, three [...]

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In My Backyard

Some borrowers chipped away at the maturity wall by retiring their mortgages early in order to take advantage of ultra low interest rates. At the same time, landlords with the weakest properties have already defaulted, further reducing the pool of loans that need to be refinanced. The maturity wall has been whittled down to about [...]